Sunflower Primary School

sunflower primary schoolIOP Luxembourg is very proud of its latest project – the Sunflower Primary School. The school, completed in late 2019, consists of 14 classrooms, a library, an administration area, a lab and 2 dormitories. The school provides quality education for 560 pupils.

IOP Luxembourg engaged in fund raising activities for about 5 years and through the generosity of many people in Luxembourg managed to raise €80,000. IOP Luxembourg then entered into partnership with another Luxembourg NGO called Christian Solidarity International (CSI). Through CSI the project received co-financing from the Luxembourg Government so that 80% of funds came from the Government, 15% from IOP Luxembourg and 5% as a local contribution. The total funding was approximately €550,000.

Sunflower Montessori Sarl a Luxembourg pre-school child care provider was key in the fund-raising activities for this project and gives its name to the school.

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