Sunflower Primary School

IOP Luxembourg is very proud of its largest project to date – the Sunflower Primary School, which was completed in late 2019. It consists of 14 classrooms, a library, an administration area, a lab and 2 dormitories. The school can provide quality education for 560 pupils with boarding for 80

IOP Luxembourg engaged in fund raising activities for about 5 years and through the generosity of many people in Luxembourg managed to raise €80,000. IOP Luxembourg then entered into partnership with another Luxembourg NGO called Christian Solidarity International (CSI). Through CSI the project received co-financing from the Luxembourg Government so that 80% of funds came from the Government, 15% from IOP Luxembourg and 5% as a local contribution. The total funding was approximately €550,000.

Sunflower Montessori Sarl (a Luxembourg pre-school child care provider) was key in the fund-raising activities for this project and gives its name to the school. In 2018 IOP Luxembourg board members (who are also Montessori directors), visited Ilula for the official inauguration of the Sunflower Pre and Primary School.

The children received their new school uniforms and had cake to celebrate !


Sunflower school flourished with attending students numbering 222 and over 70 of those living at the school fulltime. A ‘first ever’ school outing to the local safari park is a highlight for everyone.

Students and staff report how happy and proud they are of their school and there are high hopes for great results in the future.

Our students are very happy to be registered in our school, “ we are happy  in safe and good environment” one student said. “We have good teachers who love us, so we also learn to love” new student in class five said.    –  this from Alice Ngimbudzi (Headteacher)

‘’The goals for Sunflower Primary School in the next few years are to increase the number of students and become the school with the best scores in Tanzania.“ – IOP TZ newsletter


Student numbers increased to 298 at Sunflower Primary by the end of 2020, despite the outbreak of Covid-19. Schools were closed from April-June and IOP Luxembourg and other outside committees raised €40,000 in support, including school staff salaries.

2020 is the first year that class four national exams took place at Sunflower and out of 39 pupils in the class, 27 got average “A” and 12 “B“ !
Some students stayed at school during the exam time, to allow for extra support and better facilities

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