Farm for the Future

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Farm for the Future Tanzania Ltd is a private commercially run farm. The land of 651 acres is owned by Ilula orphan program (IOP) which also own 51% of FFF. Farm for the Future will be a sustainable farm. It is a major regional development project aiming to reduce poverty, to increase farming knowledge, to increase crop production, tackle social exclusion of young single mothers and fight malnutrition and unemployment. The plan is to produce maize and common beans in the first year and in the following years, depending on the market, soybeans, sunflower and sweet potatoes.

Farm for the Future Ltd also is a capacity building arena and it has already registered an NGO called AGRONOMIC FOR COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT (ACE) which will provide training to young single mothers, local farmers, children from Kindergarten and Primary schools.




On February 12. 2018, the Kavli Trust, Norway granted 580.000 USD for the establishment of Farm for the Future. This grant made it possible for FFF to start cultivating already in 2018. The main building and warehouse at the old part of the farm has been renovated, and will be used as the headquarters for the first three years. Construction of the new buildings will be prepared in 2018, and starts in 2019. The aim is to open and bring animals to the farm in 2021.



  • Sustainable and profitable growth
  • Meeting the UN’s sustainability goals
  • Helping young single mothers to stand on their own feet
  • Local farmers are assisted out in the market
  • Food and food safety is a hallmark
  • Vocational training and creation of new jobs
  • Children and young people are interested in, and get increased knowledge about the importance of agriculture
  • Multiple aid organizations work together to develop FFF and the local society
  • “We learn from each other” and develop people, products and communities that can be duplicated
  • We communicate the development so that others can learn


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