Child Sponsorship

Education is the key to unlocking a child’s full potential. In Tanzania education is also the surest way to break the cycle of extreme poverty. You can change a child’s life. By giving €240 per year you can ensure that one child gets a quality education and receives the necessary care so that he or she can succeed. IOP Luxembourg manages the sponsor program and passes all the funds received for each child to IOP in Tanzania. This money is used to pay school fees*, provide uniforms, transport*, school books and other support that the child and his family may need.

You and your family will know that you are making a profound difference. You will receive updates from the sponsor office in Tanzania and letters from your sponsor child. Some families choose to sponsor a child with a similar age to the children in the family. This program has been successfully running in IOP Luxembourg for many years now and numerous young men and women are still very much in contact with their “family”.

If you would like to share the costs of sponsorship with another family this is absolutely fine. IOP Luxembourg will match you with another sponsor. If you wish you may also pay in 12 monthly instalments by bank standing order. Finally, IOP Luxembourg as a registered NGO will issue you a thank you letter each year which can be used to offset your contribution against your taxes.

Please email us if you would like to sponsor a child:

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