About Us

IOP Luxembourg (Officially ILULA ORPHAN PROGRAM Luxembourg-Tanzania) is a not-for profit organisation (ASBL) constituted under Luxembourg law. It is also a registered NGO with the Cercle de coopération des ONG de Développement de Luxembourg. IOP Luxembourg acts as an Outside Committee of IOP Tanzania.

IOP Luxembourg is managed by a voluntary board of 7 people. These are:

Helen Clarke, Ellen Okkerman (co-presidents), Tom O’Dea (Treasurer), Hilda Damas Kasembe, Cynthia Letsch, Samantha O’Dea and Julie Bové.

The key activity of IOP Luxembourg is the management of the sponsor program. Families in Luxembourg agree to sponsor a child and pay €240 per year, which can also be shared between 2 or more families. IOP Luxembourg sends the entire amount to IOP Tanzania. The sponsor office in Tanzania ensures that with this money the educational and care needs of the child are fulfilled. IOP Luxembourg liaises with the IOP Tanzania sponsor office and follows up on each child. Feedback is provided by the sponsor office as well as letters from the children to the sponsoring families.

IOP Luxembourg also engages in fund-raising for various projects. The construction of the Sunflower Primary School was the most significant project to date and right now the focus is on supporting Farm for the Future.

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