Building a Better Standard of Living in Tanzania

IOP Luxembourg is an organisation committed to supporting the work of Ilula Orphan Program in Ilula, Tanzania. IOP Luxembourg is a not for profit organisation - Asbl - and a registered NGO. Our main activity is the sponsor program, which links families in Luxembourg to children in Tanzania who desperately need support in order to secure a good education. We also fund raise for various projects like to Sunflower Primary School, Farm for the Future and more.

Does your company / organisation wish to provide a scholarship for impoverished students in Ilula, Tanzania?
IOP Luxembourg with co-financing from the Government of Luxembourg has constructed a quality primary school in Ilula, Tanzania. By choosing to fund a scholarship to this school your generosity will:

• Provide quality primary education for the poorest children in the local area
• Ensure that these children have a greater chance of escaping a life of poverty
• Contribute towards the development through education of the Tanzania economy

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